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Audio journaling is a new tool that can help you boost your mood and calm your mind in leu of meditation It’s not surprising that younger generations are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression and burnout, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed you’re not alone, but just because a problem is widespread, doesn’t mean we should normalize it. Accumulating chronic stress can have severe consequences on your emotional, mental, and physical health. You’ve probably already heard about therapy, meditation or leveraging exercise to boost endorphins and calm your mind. If none of those methods have worked for you, you can try audio journaling your thoughts for a few minutes every day. Audio journaling, like written journaling, is a process for self-expression and reflection. It helps us slow down and calm our minds, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that it aids in improving the health of our brains. By eliminating our mental fog, we are able to reduce anxiety, improve our cognitive skills, and achieve a greater sense of self-awareness. Journaling is also proven to be a mood booster and a tool to help us gain more control over our emotions. By taking time to reflect on challenging feelings, release negative thoughts or concerns, and process big decisions, we empower ourselves to avoid frequent worry spirals and choose how to react under difficult circumstances. To get started, download the Journify - Audio Journal app. Hit “record” and start by documenting your day, reflecting on new learnings, processing any anxieties, or simply saying out loud whatever comes to mind. Similar to the “Morning Pages” or “The Artist Way” methodology for written journaling, cap your timing at 10 minutes and make sure you keep rambling or venting until you reach your goal. “Morning pages do get us to the other side: the other side of our fear, or our negativity, of our moods. Above all, they get us beyond our own Censor. Beyond the reach of the Censor’s babble we find our own quiet centre, the place where we hear the still, small voice that is at once our creator’s and our own.” — Julia Cameron To learn more about the audio journaling app, visit https://journify.co.
About the author:
Lamia Pardo is the Founder of Journify.co – an audio journaling app to declutter 
your mind on the go. She is documenting her own entrepreneurial journey with the 
Journify app and submitting her records to a COVID-19 project hosted by the 
Women’s History Museum. You can find her on Linkedin or Twitter at @lamiapf.
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