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Knee pain can be overwhelming sometimes in its severity and discomfort. Besides, it can be debilitating in that it prevents you from getting around and doing the activities that you want to do. For some people, this is a chronic problem that affects their life every day, such as with arthritis or tendonitis sufferers. For others, the pain may be sudden and temporary, perhaps caused by an injury. When knee pain arises, many people head straight to the doctor to get prescription medication, however, not everyone is comfortable with that. Many people prefer a more natural solution like joint pain supplements, and there are several natural methods for dealing with knee pain. Many of them can be done easily at home for little cost.

Joint Pain and Why It Develops

According to the Mayo Clinic, joint pain can be discomfort, pain, and inflammation coming from any part of the joint, including the cartilage, bone, ligaments, tendons, or muscles. Depending on the root cause, it could be mild, moderate, or severe. Knee pain can occur due to an injury or accident, and in some cases, this would go away after treatment. Sometimes a vigorous physical activity can cause temporary knee pain. Johns Hopkins Medicine states that a lot of knee pain and stiff joints are simply the results of getting older. In some cases, knee pain can develop because of a lack of calcium, Vitamin D, and iron. They are all crucial in the building and functioning of the bones and joints. It’s important to eat foods rich in these substances and to take supplements too. Chronic knee pain is caused by a number of degenerative conditions like arthritis, bursitis, gout, and tendonitis. Arthritis is the most common degenerative joint condition. The symptoms of arthritis include swelling and pain in the joints, as well as stiffness and trouble with flexibility and mobility.

Seven Best Home Remedies for Knee Pain

Many people specifically seek out natural remedies for medical conditions, like knee pain, because they prefer it over medications and doctors. There are a number of home remedies you can try for your pain.

  • Hot and Cold Compress
Both heat and cold are very effective at easing joint symptoms. You can take a cold compress or ice wrapped in a towel and apply it to the knee for about 20 minutes. Do this a few times a day. If the pain is due to an injury, apply the compress for up to 48 hours. Similarly, you can put a warm compress on the area for 20 minutes at a time.
  • Turmeric
This is a plant in the ginger family called Curcuma Longa. It contains antioxidants called curcuminoids, of which the most powerful is curcumin. These help to repair damage to the joints and cartilage by killing harmful free radicals, and they increase immunity. They are also high in anti-inflammatory agents, which lessen discomfort and swelling in the joints.
  • Ginger Extract
This flowering plant is included as a spice in food very often. It has strong medicinal properties and has been used to treat stomach issues, nausea, and inflammation. It has powerful antioxidant benefits that help to heal joint and cartilage damage and improve overall immunity. It also includes anti-inflammatory agents, which lessen swelling and pain, and it may help to prevent cancer.
  • Maintain Weight
One way to ease your joint pain is to make sure you stay at a healthy weight. Being overweight is a major cause of developing joint problems. An article published by the Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center discussed the role of body weight in arthritis. They concluded that joint pain is strongly associated with high body weight.
  • Wear the Right Shoes
The shoes you choose to wear provide your skeleton with balance, so if you wear shoes that are not suitable, it can cause a misalignment in your body. This can lead to discomfort and swelling in your knee as well as other areas. High heeled shoes, for example, can do a lot of damage if you wear them too often. If you like them, try to limit your use to just once in a while.
  • Try a Supplement
There are a number of natural supplements on the market that can ease joint pain and other symptoms. Flexoplex is one of the best products available in this regard. Flexoplex reviews rave about what a great supplement this is and how it’s changed people’s lives by eliminating their symptoms.
  • Exercise

Low impact exercise is one of the best things for people with arthritis symptoms like knee pain. This is because it strengthens the muscles and joints. Often people with joint pain avoid exercise because they think it will be painful. In the long run, it will really help alleviate your symptoms. According to Harvard Health Publishing, this is the secret to joint pain relief.

The Final Word

If you suffer from knee pain, you’re probably looking for the best solution available to ease your condition. You may be experiencing swelling, stiff joints, and soreness. You can go to the doctor and get prescription medication as a treatment. However, there are natural remedies you can also try, and Lifestyle changes you can make which can help ease your pain. Organic ingredients like ginger and turmeric are very beneficial for helping lessen joint pain and swelling. Also, exercising, keeping to a healthy weight, and taking natural joint pain supplements are other methods.

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