Stylish. Luxurious. Exclusive: The Bugatti Chiron -
When it came out in 2016, Bugatti called their all-new Chiron the quintessential ultimate super Sports car.” Normally, a phrase like that would fall under the category of textbook marketing jargon, but, in this instance, it’s all absolutely true. The Chiron is quintessential for its kind. It is ultimate in terms performance capabilities. And it certainly is super when you consider the superhuman speeds it can hit. But don’t get too excited — 99.99 per cent of us will never drive one. Not only does it retail for over $3.5 million Canadian, but Bugatti only plans on producing 500 Chirons total. Did You Know? This badass supercar is named after Louis Chiron, one of the fastest racecar drivers from the pre-Formula One era. SPECIFICATIONS: Power: 1,500 hp Torque: 1,180 lbs-ft Wheelbase: 106.7” Length: 178.9 Width: 80.2” Height: 47.7” Curb Weight: 4,400 lb PERFORMANCE: Engine: W16 Top Speed: 261 mph 0–60 mph: 2.4 seconds
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