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What do I do when I don’t know what to do? Starting is the hardest part. There isn’t much I begin without pushing myself into the next stratosphere. It was never “I want to become a runner” I WAS GOING TO RUN MARATHONS. Reality? I was lucky to get my new running shoes out of the box. Truth be told, I did become a marathon runner but only because I was chasing a Poptart, frosted strawberry, that I rewarded myself with every day. Think of it, how many times does someone say “I am losing 2 pounds.” It always starts with twenty. That’s just not going to work. Which is why we have here ten tips to creating a super easy fitness habit: #1) When Beginning A New Program, You Must Start with Tiny Steps Decide the direction you want to start moving in and then break it down. If you want to start a new exercise program start with 5 minutes every day and work your way up. Keep the material simple and the time short. #2) Find A Way to Be Successful If you can’t do one pushup, then skip them. Instead, elect to stand up and lean against a wall at an angle while using your body weight to do a modified push up. If you do less than you think you can, you will do more than you think you ever could. #3) Find A Safe Program Where Injury Rates Are Low The best exercise is the one that you do. Don’t engage in a program that has you starting at 25 squats. Chances are you will get hurt and then you will never return again. #4) Do A Program That Makes You Feel Connected The very best way to exercise is with a buddy. Find a beginner’s program that has a social network or Facebook Group that addresses challenges you are having. Know that above all else, you are not alone. #5) Choose Something That Makes You Happy If you hate to run, DON’T. Maybe you love to surf or you love to dance. Maybe you don’t like to walk but you can walk and talk to a friend that makes you smile – do both. #6) Incorporate Strength Training, Stretching, Balance, Core, Aerobic & Breathing All of these programs individually will keep you going 8 days a week. Find something that incorporates a little of all of it so you cover all your bases in one swoop. #7) Learn as You Go There is nothing worse than showing up for yoga class and realizing that a down dog isn’t one that is sleeping. Find a program that teaches you the basics so you won’t be embarrassed to show up at that class. #8) Set Appropriate Goals for Yourself Instead of saying I am going to exercise one hour a day which is difficult, say “I am going to be the kind of person that exercises every day.” #9) Pick Same Time & Place Stay consistent on where and when you exercise. Train yourself to say tomorrow at 6:45 am I am going to work out for 5 minutes in my room. I will lace up my sneakers, turn off my alarm, complete my session, no excuses except the bathroom break. #10) Commit The most important part of a program is staying consistent. It takes repetition to make things a habit. Even if you don’t complete 5 minutes of your session, just put on your sneakers. Do something every day that trains your brain so eventually it becomes easy, mindless and yes even enjoyable!
Wendy McGee is a freelance writer and fitness entrepreneur. She has been 
a fitness trainer for over ten years. Her latest app, Fitfannie, is for 
beginners or people who want to get off the couch and get moving. 
The program begins with a five-minute workout video and incrementally 
increases with time. It incorporates aerobic, balance, core, meditation, 
strength training. You cannot reach session two until you complete session 
one thus encouraging beginners to make their way up the fitness ladder. It 
is a teaching application that informs as you progress.  
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