Calling All Chocoholics! -
Yes, eating chocolate has its perks, but There are certain rules to Follow if you want to reap the benefits!
By Charles Poliquin If you always feel a pang of guilt after enjoying a mouthwatering square of delicious chocolate, I’m here to declare your innocence and banish that burden of shame once and for all. Scientific research has found that chocolate is actually rich in antioxidants called flavonols, and these antioxidants can protect our arteries and prostate glands, reduce inflammation, and increase sensations of well-being. But before the good News overwhelms you and you tear into a king-sized Kit Kat, note that there are a few rules to this guilt-free indulgence.

The Rules Of Chocolate

Rule 1: The darker the chocolate, the better it is. Look for at least 70 per cent cocoa, but be wary of snacking on an 85 per cent bar – many people find the taste too bitter. Rule 2: Read the entire label! Watch out for ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated fats. These ingredients will undo any of chocolate’s natural health benefits. Rule 3: Go milk-free. Studies have revealed that drinking a glass while you chomp on chocolate can block your body from absorbing those all-powerful antioxidants. Milk chocolate products also lack the healthful benefits of their darker counterparts. Rule 4: Exercise restraint. Stick to daily servings of about 15 to 30 grams for maximum health benefits and minimal weight gain.

Four Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Chocolate

1) The flavanoids in chocolate may help to prevent cancer and heart disease. 2) Higher cocoa levels signify a greater flavanoid content, which is why 70-plus per cent is best. 3) White chocolate, while delicious, lacks any notable health benefits as it is cocoa-free. 4) Chocolate contains stearic acid, which does not raise blood cholesterol levels, unlike other fats and trans fats.
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