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Written by Joe Meluso

Red onions are an extremely functional and beneficial food to add to your nutritional plan. When used strategically for their functional properties red onions can be very effective in improving your immunity, overall health and well being.

More specifically onions contain powerful polyphenolic compounds: Quercetin and Fisetin. Both of these powerful compounds act as Senolytics, promoting the activation of Autophagy, which results in the clearing of senescent cells from the body. Additionally, these compounds will improve your immunity and reduce inflammation.

Onions are also a great prebiotic source of inulin, which will feed essential bacteria in your gut ensuring efficient gut microbiome. Studies have also shown onions to be effective in reducing blood pressure and decreasing fasting blood sugar levels, making them functional for offsetting cheat or reefed meals. Adding raw red onion to your meal prior to or with a high calorie meal can aid in glucose disposal and reduce your blood sugar spike.

Ideally raw will provide more function, however, if need be, you can cook them slightly, but be mindful that overcooking them can lead to denaturation of beneficial compounds contained in the onion. This powerful food has many beneficial properties to enhance your health so try adding them to your meals to gain the many benefits.

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