Holiday Season Fitness Cheat Sheet -

Written By Fitness & Nutrition Expert Julie Germaine

This month, wouldn’t you like to enjoy Grandma’s adorable, chocolate-sprinkled, candy-covered, sugary cookies without putting on extra weight? Some of us head into the holidays without much thought about our fitness goals, accepting that putting on fat is inevitable. Many people will tell me they plan to start their workout regime in the New Year, however I will warn you that this mindset is a mistake. Worrying about the consequences of over-indulgences in January is not the path to take. It’s been studied that the couple pounds that creep up on people each year add up to 10-20 pounds per decade! Instead, I encourage you to do just a little pre-planning, and I will show you that it is entirely possible to arrive in 2021 feeling healthy, refreshed - and wearing the same pant size! This doesn’t mean toting along your chicken and broccoli Tupperware meal to parties, either! And yes, my love, you may treat yourself to a few ‘real’ drinks. After all, the holidays are a time to celebrate life and relax with loved ones. So here are some small habitual tweaks to consider to offset the caloric-dense foods you will be savouring. 6 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

  • Exercise in the morning before your social events. This can mean a walk with the dog, or a great home workout with body-weight resistance or using some gym equipment (I can some great mini bands sets and hip resistance loops available at and some free Workouts for you to follow along to!). This will give your metabolism a boost and get fitness on your mind. Starting the day out on such a positive note will lead you to make better choices later.
  • Don’t starve yourself! Don’t cut back on your calories because you know you’ll be eating big later. Instead, eat a little meal (ie: an egg white omelette or chicken salad) shortly before you go to a get-together so you aren’t overly hungry.
  • Use a smaller plate. It will make you feel like you are eating more, appear to others that your plate is nice and full, and limit how much food you can serve yourself.
  • Budget your carbs. Fill your plate with protein and veggies first, then select only your favourite sides (no need to waste calories on mashed potatoes unless you absolutely love them). Only select one dessert, or 3 dainties. Sugars are quickly converted to body fat, so you truly want to avoid indulging in this area if possible.
  • Stick to 2 drinks. Set a limit for alcoholic drinks you will consume and stick to it. Try to choose hard bar and diet soda or water as mix, rather than sugary cocktails, wine, or creamy liqueur. Also, drink a big glass of water with your meal and in-between cocktails.
  • Bring a healthy option to share. If you are concerned that the host won’t provide many low-calorie options to choose from, consider bringing along a large side to share, such as a garden salad, veggie & dip tray, a light appy like shrimp cocktail, or low-fat cheeses with light crackers.
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