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Does what you eat change throughout the seasons? Perhaps you enjoy soothing, hearty squash and potato soups in winter, but crave fresh salads come spring? What’s better than warm, fresh summer strawberries, or a tasty spiced pumpkin latté on a beautiful fall day?

Seasonal eating is very healthy for you, too! This can also be considered ‘eating local’, which supports your community and benefits your body since the produce is very recently harvested. As soon as fruits and vegetables are collected, they begin to lose nutrients. This means that something transported across seas arrives on your plate with less nutritional value than it had originally. You are also paying more for these travelled items. To have the best options to eat seasonally in the winter, you should plan in the summer. Preserving items in their peak brings wonderful flavour to your table all winter!

The base of your winter meals should be late fall produce, I have listed my five favourite below to help give you a guide:

1: Cauliflower

I love the versatility of this vegetable! It can be mashed, blended into ‘rice’, or coated as vegetarian hot wings! Eating cauliflower will slow signs of aging, improve memory, reduce blood pressure, and even suppress cancer cells.

2: Cabbage

An absolute powerhouse and excellent source of fibre, cabbage is low in calories but provides vitamin C, vitamin K, antioxidants and more while supporting a healthy digestive system and promoting heart health.

3: Beets

This vegetable actually provides the cells in our body with the energy they need to effectively do their job. They also reduce inflammation and boost athletic performance!

4: Carrots

You’ll be seeing better and looking great by incorporating carrots daily. In addition to vision and skin benefits, the high fibre content is fantastic to support healthy bones.

5: Fennel

This bulb was first brought to my attention for its ability to increase milk production in nursing mothers. The high potassium, vitamin C and A, and B vitamins makes it a great choice for everyone. Unique compounds also allow this veggie to boast antiviral properties.

Embrace seasonal eating into the rhythm of your life!

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