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Let us rewind to a few years ago. No one knew who a Nutritionist was or what they do. The service they provide in simple terms is to promote health and manage diseases through food and Nutrition. It might sound simple, but in reality, it is not. Though the term Nutritionist isn't regulated, it takes high-end expertise to be one. Probably a hundred or even a fifty years ago, we would have not seen how the food and Nutrition intake would turn out to be this important, but as of today it has become of the most important aspect everyone considers. The very instant an infant enters this world, the parents’ think of the most important nutrients they need to provide to their child. It has been happening in every single place now. Proper Nutrition does not merely mean fit body, but also plays with the most important aspect of every human being; healthcare and self health-maintenance. Nutritionists can also be called Nutrition scientists for expertise in the field. Now they are often misunderstood by a dietician. To put in simple terms, a dietitian is a Nutritionist, but not every Nutritionist is a dietitian. A dietitian is an expert trained to advise others about healthy eating. Nutrition Scientists practice in a variety of Health Settings:
  • Clinical Nutritionist
  • Community Nutritionist
  • Medical center Nutritionist
  • Fitness Center Nutritionist
  • And much more
There was a recent survey conducted on Nutrition scientists, asking them, "what changed in their field," and "what are the new things they are doing now," These Nutritionists replied with some astounding trends in the Nutrition industry.

Environment-Friendly Nutrition

Everything is modernized, by more modernization in the air, how it cannot be part of the food and Nutrition of the people. This is what happened let us say, ten years ago. Modern food and Nutrition became part of everybody's daily lives. But 2020, according to Nutritionists, might be something different. Now, everyone is into the awareness of growing towards food products with little or no packaging at all. This environment-friendly food has been the type of food that has been in the most demand lately. These products are ideally bought from local and social businesses near them.

Vegan Nutrition

It is not vegetarian, something more than that we must say. Nutrition experts have observes that vegan and plant-based Nutrition has moved to the mass market with increased demand for vegan products. These products are packed and sold in environmentally sustainable packaging. This vegan and plant-based Nutrition life are estimated to expand the fields of Sports and clinical Nutrition.

Digital Health Trackers or Biohacking

The most dominant change in an individual's health these days is that every person has different health conditions. We can observe an increase in allergies, intolerance, and the desire to optimize body performance, but this significantly varies from one person to another. Something that works for one person may not exactly work for another person. For this very reason, people have chosen to follow their own health schemes, and more often by using digital health trackers and biohackers like probiotics, biomarkers, microbiome, metabolome, and more.

The Next Level of Disease Prevention

Nutritionists say they have lately recognized the demand for dietic treatment increasing, especially in the clinics where the requirement is often not met due to the limited financial resources. Consumers have gotten aware of investing in Nutrition-based education for the next generation as a powerful tool in fostering healthy habits from early on the support in preventing the coming diseases and illnesses. Health and Nutrition in companies take a shift from the focus of just physical activity to a more holistic approach that withholds Nutrition and mindful being for every individual.

Alternative Proteins

Remember when that thought of proteins appeared. The first move was to get cheese, sausages, and meat. That outlook has changed in more than 70% of the global population. According to the expert panel of Nutritionists in the United States, they feel the way people are looking at it; these products might only succeed if they are natural, low in preservatives, and a clean and clear ingredient list. Moreover, the acceptance of clean meat will increase no more fetal bovine serum is required to grow the meat cells.

Mindful Eating Takes the First Place

How did the last decade manage health? Counting calorie, dieting, and the yo-yo effect right. Well, right now, Nutritionists have observed a trend towards fewer food bans and more fun and a more relaxed approach to Nutrition. Health at Every Size and Mindful eating are the rising stars. HAES and mindful eating are the two most crucial buzzwords Nutritionists have been hearing lately. HAES assists people of all sizes in finding ways to take care of themselves. Mindful eating is the concept where paying attention to our food, moment by moment, without judgment. Both these approaches have been focusing on the individual and his or her intuition for a sustainable, positive mindset.

Ketogenic Nutrition

A brief explanation of what Ketogenic Nutrition is :Ketogenic Nutrition is high-fats, moderate-proteins, and very low carbohydrates. Ketogenic Nutrition is estimated to be used by a broader range of the population. For population groups like athletes, there is a trend to reduce supplement intake and implement a specific diet. This Ketogenic diet can force the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates to generate energy. This diet was developed in the 1920s but has taken popularity now.

Wrap Up:

When the whole of the healthcare industry is on the transfiguration trend, why shouldn’t the consumers of the industry be that way too? We have been witnessing how the healthcare industry is revolutionized with new trends & techniques. Now the healthcare consumers are not how they were a few years ago. There has been a sense of consumerism, and growing demand in consumers for better healthcare treatment and practices. It has in turn led to more consumers being more aware of their intake, medications and health issues. This is what led to the ever growing number of Nutritionists. Nutritionists are merely one of the many growing doctors in healthcare, who have developed out of consumer health awareness. We can as people have become increasingly aware of how much Nutrition is part of their lives; Nutritionists are one of the most demanded. Every healthcare setting now has a Nutritionist within, and these rising trends are also a reason why. Nutritionists make enormous decisions, not just for their patients but also for the setting they are serving, and 2nd and 3rd business partners who are part of producing for the Nutrition industry.
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