Benefits of Seasonal Eating -

Benefits of Seasonal Eating

What is seasonal eating? Why should I be doing it? What benefits are there to Seasonal Eating and how do I do it? These are all questions that will be answered in this fact filled article from Laura Soulios!
5 Warning Signs It’s Time to Lay Off the Diet -

5 Warning Signs It’s Time to Lay Off the Diet

Think a break from dieting will derail all your hard work? No way. A break can actually help you reach your fitness goals—faster. So, check out these 5 important clues your body is ready to hit pause!
Healthy (and Yummy!) Summer Snacks -

Healthy (and Yummy!) Summer Snacks

Summer is the time of snack food, and as we come into the fall, you're going to be looking for healthy back to school lunches and snacks, or something tasty to have on the go as you hike and explore. Julie Germaine gives you a detailed list of some great nutritious snacks that you can make or even preplan to have ready for on the go.
Fasted Cardio for Faster Results -

Fasted Cardio for Faster Results

If you’ve been in the fitness community, you’ve heard about the fasting fad; however, do you know what the implications of fasting could mean for you? Travis Hansen breaks down how the combination of fasting and cardio can get you the results that you’ve been looking for.
Summer treats & Eats -

Summer treats & Eats

What are you looking forward to eating the most this summer? There is a long list of treats and summer favourites to choose from, that it can be difficult to figure out what is best for you! Sandy Co-Catibog breaks down some of the best summer treats and eats in this article to help you decide what is best for you!
Reverse Stress-Related Weight Gain -

Reverse Stress-Related Weight Gain

If you've been under a lot of stress lately, and started seeing the numbers on the scale start to increase (which likely has made your stress worse), then we've got the article for you. Julie Germaine explains some foods that might actually REDUCE your stress, as well as some other tips to help you relax and enjoy life.
7 Strategies to Propel Fat Loss Progress with Protein -

7 Strategies to Propel Fat Loss Progress with Protein

So you’ve heard it from your trainer, your mom, and your third cousin that you need protein, but do you understand the science behind how this rock-star macronutrient does its job and how you can easily incorporate the right amount of it into your lifestyle for fat loss? Let’s dig in.
4 Heart Health Tips -

4 Heart Health Tips

Heart related health issues are unfortuantely on the rise, however, the good news is that there are several lifestyle changes that you can make TODAY in order to ensure that your health continues to work as it should tomorrow. Check out these tips from Julie Germaine and find ways to start implimenting them into your own life.
Top Tips for Staying Lean & Avoiding Burnout -

Top Tips for Staying Lean & Avoiding Burnout

Are you fading as a result of being in one dieting phase too long? The lean out phase is usually the culprit—but to each their own. So, let’s walk through the phases of a program and talk about lifestyle and gym integration, for your jaw-dropping physique results.